Trevecca Nazarene University

PA students collect & donate 2 tons of food

Robin Jewett, Physician Assistant Program Professor at Trevecca Nazarene University, challenged her 40 students to a “One Ton Grocery Run” two weeks ago; today that group delivered 4,332 pounds (over 2 tons) of food. That’s over 100 pounds per student!


The group gathered to load the groceries (in the rain) today, Wednesday, Sept. 16, at 12:30 PM, and took them to Mercury Courts on Murfreesboro Road. PA program students at Trevecca have volunteered with Mercury Courts for approximately a year.

“We’ve been focusing on health-related seminars and health fairs. However, it came to my attention a few weeks ago that the residents were having a tough time with obtaining food, for various reasons. It’s difficult to challenge residents to eat nutritious meals and live a healthy lifestyle when they are struggling to meet their everyday need for food,” said Jewett.


So, she challenged the students to a “One Ton Grocery Run,” asking them to collect 2000 pounds of groceries in two weeks.


“I told them that they would have to be creative and resourceful. They’d have to think beyond their own cupboards and wallets, and gather their social network to help,” said Jewett. “My students always exceed my expectations.”


Many of them ran small food drives, hosted canned-good parties, and asked their churches to participate.

 See photos below!