Trevecca Nazarene University

Students/employees attend sustainability summit

Trevecca took part in the October 2, 2009, “Summit for Campus Sustainability: Tennessee Valley Universities Investing in a Clean Energy Future. A total of 7 students/employees of Trevecca attended the daylong event held at Middle Tennessee State University.

Trevecca employees in attendance were Professor Chris Farrell and Matt Spraker, associate dean of students for community life. Students attending included Jared Usrey, Lyle Blanco, Brent Pedro, Maia Zachova, and Lauren Boyer.

A representative of Tennessee Valley Authority was present at the conference and spoke about renewable energy or "green energy" and how colleges across the grid are buying about 30% of it. Also discussed at the summit was the concept of green or sustainable fees, which many universities are adding to provide a more sustainable future for their schools and their students.

Student body director of student services Lyle Blanco appreciated the opportunity to attend. He hopes to see Trevecca develop a more extensive recycling program and for the University to continue to embrace the idea of sustainability.


“Students really do want to see TNU go in the direction of sustainability,” said Blanco.