Trevecca Nazarene University

Trevecca honors H. Ray Dunning

H. Ray Dunning signs copies of his newest book as part of a special event planned in his honor on February 11, 2010, at Trevecca. View more photos of this event below.
A “Trevecca Treasure” Day was celebrated on February 11, in honor of one of the University’s beloved professors—H. Ray Dunning. A graduate of Trevecca, Nazarene Theological Seminary, and Vanderbilt University, Dunning taught theology at Trevecca from 1964-1995. In addition to numerous articles,  he authored fifteen books, including the the systematic theology volume Grace, Faith & Holiness (1988), the first Church of the Nazarene-sanctioned text since H. Orton Wiley’s three-volume set written in the 1940s.

The celebration began in the morning chapel service with an interview of Dunning, conducted by President Dan Boone. The exchange began with the question “Why is thinking theologically important?” Dunning answered, “Everyone thinks theologically—and some may do so inadequately. We all make decisions from some standpoint. The way we think and the way we act are affected by our theological thinking.” The dialogue —a combination of very serious ideas mixed with Dunning’s witty observations—garnered appreciation from listeners, many of whom had traveled from out of state in order to honor one of their favorite professors.

A reception and book signing in the rotunda of Waggoner Library followed the chapel service. At that event Dunning’s latest book was presented for the first time—Becoming Christlike Disciples, a revised and expanded version of two of his earlier books, Layman’s Guide to Sanctification and The Fruit of the Spirit. This new edition, planned especially for small-group use, includes study questions, which are appropriate for a variety of uses. The book is available from the Trevecca Bookstore,, and Barnes and Nobles.

Following a luncheon in the convocation center of the Boone Business Building, Dunning made a presentation that focused on the “enduring aspects” of his fifty-year engagement with theology and then answered questions from listeners. He said, “I have tried to encourage some to think theologically and not simply pragmatically.”

The final events of the day were workshops presented by 2 Trevecca religion professors—Steven Hoskins and Nate Kerr.