Trevecca Nazarene University

Professional Development Day

Trevecca’s School of Business and MHR Department hosted the first Professional Development Day on February 25, 2010.


The event included two break-out sessions with authored professors Jon Burch and Richard Parrott.  opics discussed were “Biblical Models of Leadership” and “Ethics in the Workplace.”


During the luncheon, a keynote speech was given by Pat Collins, President and COO of SESAC, the nation’s fastest growing performing rights organization. Collins, a graduate of Trevecca’s Master’s of Organizational Management program, spoke on the topic of Organizational Leadership, stating, “One of the most important tenants of leadership that I’ve learned was a simple statement: “Nobody comes to work to mess up today.”  He followed this statement with encouraging words for not only managers and supervisors but also for people hoping to one day be in managerial positions. 


One of the key concepts Collins claims to have learned is that “Everyone is an expert at something…I continue to run this organization [SESAC] in a manner that embraces participative management, where we bring people in and we ask for their input.”


The session ended with a time of questions and answers, focusing on the topic of intellectual property and rights.