Trevecca Nazarene University

Ruth Graham & Selah in Chapel

Ruth Graham, daughter of world-famous evangelist Billy Graham, speaks in Trevecca's Chapel service.

Ruth Graham, daughter of evangelist Billy Graham, spoke on Trevecca’s campus on Thursday, Mar. 4, during the 9:30 AM chapel service. Music was provided by the Dove award-winning group Selah.

In her message to the chapel audience, she noted that current events and conditions make people fearful, but then she pointed listeners to the Bible and the story of Moses and the children of Israel when their spies delivered the report about the Promised Land. Their report produced fear in the children of Israel; their report, said Graham, "made a big deal out of nothing." On the other hand, Joshua and Caleb gave a positive assessment because, Graham said, "their knowledge of God had reached their hearts." She then admonished her listeners to allow their knowledge of God to invade their hearts so "that when fear arises you do not forget who you are, that you are loved, that God has given you his promises, that you are complete in him, and what God has done for you."

She also held a book-signing event at 10:30 AM, where she signed copies of her newest book, Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There.

Graham is the president and founder of Ruth Graham & Friends and the author of a best-selling book In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart
and the award-winning Step Into the Bible. She is the middle child born to evangelist Billy and Ruth Bell Graham.

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