Trevecca Nazarene University

Updates: Students serve in Jamaica

A group of students with Trevecca Around the Globe (TAG) have traveled to Jamaica to serve during their spring break, March 6-14.


Below is message number 1 from Seth Thompson who works with Trevecca in residence life and has traveled with the TAG group to Jamaica this week:

Greetings from Jamaica.

We made it safely to Frome, and are having a great time so far. We spent the day yesterday in Negril promoting a concert that was put on last night. We had a great time and were able to fellowship with many brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are getting ready to head to district assembly, Jamaican style. I am ready to see how God uses this in the students that have come down, as well as, within my life. There will be upwards of 2,000 Jamaicans there today and it should be a pretty lively day. We are starting work on the medical center tomorrow and we also look forward to our many days of working with the community. I know that God is going to use us, and we ask for your continual prayers as we serve here in the country of Jamaica. God is good and faithful. May God Bless you in all you do today.

Seth and the Jamaica Team

Below is message number 2 from Seth Thompson:

Good morning from Jamaica. As I sit here and type we are completing devotions. We are all doing well and all having a great time.


District assembly this past Sunday was spectacular. It is so good to be in a lively and such a genuine service. It always amazes me how people who have so little consider themselves to be so blessed. God is truly all they have, and yet they are so joyful. How often in the states we allow stuff to get in the way of our own joy that we should have for the Father.


I love being in Jamaica. We have arrived and our plans have changed. The team has done very well adapting to what comes, and we are actually heading to Mandaville today. We are going to be there for 2 days and we will be staying in a retreat center that they have there. Our main goal there will be to help the missionaries in painting there. We worked on the medical center yesterday and got a lot done. We sanded the concrete walls and painted a coat of white wash. There is still much work to be done, but God is faithful and will continue the work. We are so thankful for the day and God is teaching all of us new things every day.


Thanks for your prayers and we will continue to covet your prayers. God Bless!!!


In Christ,

Seth Thompson and the Jamaican Team