Trevecca Nazarene University

Recovery continues

It is Wednesday, May 5 (day 3 after the flood), and Trevecca's campus appears to be in full-swing commencement- preparation mode. The campus shows few signs of the weekend storms. Electrical power has been restored to all but one building, thanks to the hard work of the plant operations crew and their resourcefulness. Students are taking final exams; some are taking them in different rooms than the ones in which they attended class--a change necessitated because of the loss of electricity in some buildings. Offices are open and operating.

In front of the McClurkan Building the construction crew from plant operations is erecting a platform/stage which will be used for commencement ceremonies on Saturday. Soon trucks will deliver thousands of folding chairs, and crews will begin setting those chairs for the 6,000+ visitors who are expected to attend commencement ceremonies. The landscapers have removed the tree limbs that fell during the weekend storms and are now making the lawns attractive. Things look normal.

Behind this calm facade is a changed world, a different perspective. The flood that still ravages this city has changed life in Nashville and at Trevecca. In between their exams groups of compassionate students still work at shelters where storm victims remain. Wet paper in the campus print shop has been thrown away, and today the walls in that facility are being ripped out; the flood waters ruined them. Work is underway to repair the plant operations facility.

Today's list of University employees whose homes sustained flood damage is a list of 17; five of those persons lost their homes. University administrators are considering what the Trevecca community can do to help those who are suffering.

The "flood of 2010" has left its mark on Trevecca.