Trevecca Nazarene University

University administration encourages employees to help in flood recovery

On Monday, May 10, David Caldwell, executive vice-president for finance and administration, announced that Trevecca’s administration was encouraging University employees to give time to help in flood recovery efforts.
In his announcement to employees he said, “This has been an eventful week on the Trevecca campus following the storms of last weekend.  Many of us have been dealing with issues on campus as a result of the storm damage followed by graduation this weekend.  However, many people around us, including some of our own, have been dealing with personal tragedy as a result of the flood waters. 
[The Trevecca administration] encourages all full-time staff and administration to take some time off in the month of May when the need is most urgent to donate their time to help someone affected by the flood.”
In the week since the flood, Trevecca students donated many hours to the recovery efforts, serving in a variety of roles with Hands on Nashville and other agencies between their final exams. Because last week ended the spring semester with many offices preparing for Saturday’s commencement, most University employees were engaged in those efforts and could not easily miss work in order to help in the recovery. Caldwell’s announcement made it possible for employees to make their contribution to the recovery.