Trevecca Nazarene University

Trevecca secures consideration in $25K grant competion


Trevecca needed to make it to the top 5 in order to be considered for the grant award— an organic garden worth $10,000, along with $5,000 in technical and construction assistance from Nature’s Path in the installation of the garden, and an organic fundraising breakfast worth $10,000. Two winners would each receive this award package.


Within the first week, Trevecca climbed to 14th place, which was an accomplishment, as Trevecca was one of nearly 275 grant applicants. Trevecca seemed to come to a halt at 8th place for nearly 4 days. Then the support came rolling in, even until the last hour of the voting period. Trevecca came in 4th place with 1,218 votes!


The overwhelming support from the University and the community was another ray of hope after Nashville’s devastating flood. It shows that people care enough about food security and want to bring fresh produce to those in need.


If selected, Trevecca will not only have an organic garden on campus that will provide food for their community, but with the monies raised from the organic fundraising breakfast, they plan to create a farm stand that sells fresh produce at subsidized prices to those in the community without proper grocery stores in their area.

The meager cost of the produce offered will serve a twofold purpose:

1. The small amount of funds from the produce sold would cover gasoline and truck maintenance expenses to sustain the farm stand.
2. Members of the community gain dignity by purchasing their own healthy foods. Instead of receiving handouts, our community will be empowered with purchasing ability for affordable, fresh produce.


The 2 winners will be notified June 30, 2010.