Trevecca Nazarene University

Campus improvementsóSummer 2010

Remodeling and construction projects are occurring throughout the campus of Trevecca Nazarene University this summer. Also, several University offices have moved to temporary locations. Read more about the different projects below.

Alumni Center
Preparations for the new Alumni Center are underway! A groundbreaking ceremony was held June 14, 2010, and the old security building was demolished shortly following. Construction has begun, and the  projected completion date is January 2011. The new Alumni Center will house the Offices of the President and External Relations, which includes the Office of Alumni Relations, the Stewardship Team, and the Marketing Team. Campus Security, displaced by the demolition project, is now located in the house at 80 Nance Lane. (The campus Print Shop will also be relocated here.)
Adams Administration Building
The upper floor offices in Adams have been cleared to make way for remodeling, which will continue through the fall. Upon completion, the building will house the Offices of Graduate Psychology, Academic Affairs, and new classroom space.

In order to begin work on this project, several campus offices have been moved to other temporary locations. Academic Affairs was moved into the bottom floor of Johnson Hall (with Academic Records). The External Relations Stewardship Team was moved to Marks Guest House. The External Relations Marketing Team was moved to the former location of the Print Shop, adjacent to Plant Operations. Both External Relations Teams will eventually move into the Alumni Center and Academic Affairs will move back into Adams upon its completion.
Greathouse Science Building
The lecture hall, Greathouse 101, was remodeled at the beginning of the summer. The seating was upgraded to modern desks with laptop connections. The space will be used for many of the Physician Assistant Program classes.
Tidwell Building
The Tidwell Building received all new paint, carpet, bookshelves, and chairs this summer, and the electrical work was updated.
Jernigan Student Center
Jernigan’s Apple Dining Room is currently undergoing a complete remodel, a project paid for by Pioneer and 2 anonymous individuals—with no cost to students or the University.

Following this renovation, Apple Dining Room will have a totally new appearance. The dishroom will be moved from its current location and will include new technology that will separate waste materials so that they can be composted. New serving areas will be added also. The cafeteria will have a rotisserie oven, a new “Subway-style” sandwich bar, a demo-cooking area (diners can order omelets/pasta), all new serving areas, and new tables and chairs. Also, additional seating outside with heaters and new access doors have already been added.

In addition to remodeling in Apple Dining Room, the main-floor bathrooms in Jernigan are being renovated.

Benson Hall
Bathrooms in this men’s dorm have undergone a complete renovation, with all new fixtures, walls, and flooring. The railings on the ramps have been replaced and the ramps themselves are being resurfaced. All new lamp posts have been added to the front of the building and the ceiling above the landing was redone.  Finally the sidewalk that stretches from Hart Street past the south ramp will also be replaced.

Johnson, Tennessee, and Georgia Halls
Windows were replaced on all three women’s dorms, giving the buildings a more modern look as well as ensuring energy savings quality. Also, lights in front of these dorms were replaced and will improve visibility at night.

Print Shop
The University’s Print Shop, which was largely destroyed in the May 2010 flood, should be nearly fully functional by Friday, August 13. The Print Shop has moved locations and is now located in a house owned by the University at 80 Nance Lane. (This space is shared with Campus Security.) Trevecca’s External Relations Marketing Team office is now temporarily located in the Print Shop’s old location, adjacent to Plant Operations.

Baseball field
Trevecca’s Jackson Field was damaged during the May 2010 flood. Damage to the field’s fence is being repaired, and a new large volume storm drainage system that runs west to east along the first base side of the baseball field has been added. The track around the field will be resurfaced and will include a short access to accommodate wheelchairs and strollers.

Intramural field
The University’s student intramural sports field was regarded and reseeded this summer. Also, permanent lights will be installed to this field soon.

Boone Business Building
The façade of the Boone Business Building has received a new finish to correct a leaking problem that would have resulted in rotted wood supports if not repaired. The sidewalk in front of the building has been stained.  In addition, a new sound system was installed in the convocation center.

View photos of many of these projects on Facebook by clicking on the link below.!/album.php?aid=236458&id=187198120029