Trevecca Nazarene University

Earth Day comes early at Trevecca

Earth Day has come early at Trevecca this year, as Professor Chris Farrell, PhD, is leading a group which has chosen to focus efforts on the planting and proper care of fruit trees.

In the next 2 weeks, Farrell, Professor Jason Adkins, Americorps Vista Worker (and Trevecca alumna) Tera Kurtz, and Trevecca students Aimee Hudson, Alyse Gibson, J. T. Blue, and Meret Levitt, will take part in the following initiatives.
  • Trevecca is partnering with East Nashville Cooperative Ministries ( to take part in a Backyard Fruit Production with fruit tree expert Tatum Stewart on Saturday, Feb. 19, at ENCM from 12:00–1:30 PM. Following the seminar, a planting will take place.
  • Approximately 60 fruit trees will be purchased to plant around campus, in the neighboring community, and at several local public schools.
  • A group of University of Kentucky students will arrive Friday, Feb. 25, to help with the planting and identification process involved with the new trees. The plan is to map GPS coordinates for each tree, which will aid in developing the community orchard and food supply.
  • The new fruit trees will be available for “adoption.” It is important the each tree have someone “adopt” it for the first 2 years of its life and make sure it is watered at least weekly. Persons who “adopt” trees will be able to name the tree.

Persons interested in volunteering or in “adopting a tree” are urged to contact Chris Farrell ( or Jason Adkins (

Other upcoming “Green” events at Trevecca include the following.
(Check back for more information.)
•    March 31 – Amanda Littles, author of “Power Trip” speaks on campus
•    March 31-April 1 – Environmental Art Display
•    April 4 – Creation Care Didache Chapel