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TAG group spends spring break in missions

A Trevecca Around the Globe (TAG) group is currently serving and doing missions work in Jamaica during Trevecca’s spring break. The following text is an update from one of the group’s sponsors, Seth Thompson.

Good evening from Jamaica!

It is crazy to think that we are only two full days into the trip, but that is where we sit tonight. It has rained a lot here in Jamaica so far, but we are enjoying the cool temperatures it brings.

Yesterday was a great day of church and fellowship at Burnt Savannah church of the Nazarene, a church of about 90 here in Frome, Jamaica.  It was a great and lively service, which ended with the taking of Holy Communion as the body of Christ. It really was a great time with fellow believers. After church, we came back to the mission house and ate lunch.  Then, we went and swam in the river behind the house where we stay. There was no church last night and it had started raining, so we were able to relax and enjoy each others company at the house.
Today, we were part of a media launch for the Elashsa Spring Fest, something we will be participating in later this week. Two from our group helped with that initiative.  Morgan Daniels, a journalism major at Trevecca, will be doing all of the press releases for the event. Amy Murphy also participated with the local media, giving statements representing Trevecca and our team.

This a major event in the country of Jamaica. Read more about the event on this website:

The rest of us stayed and worked on the medical clinic they are building here in Frome. We sanded the concrete walls and prepped them for paint.  The team did well, and got a lot done for the center that will open in May.

After this work, we spent time at a basketball court and a soccer field, playing  with about 50 Jamaican kids. It was great to be in this environment and serve in this capacity.

We are all learning so much and everyone seems to be having a great time.  Tomorrow, we will be heading to the infirmary to care for the residents who are there without family and feeding the homeless. We thank you once again for your prayers and look forward to the continued work of God.  God Bless til next time.

Seth Thompson
For the Jamaica Team

Update #2

Well, we have come to the end of a long, long day and the team is very tired.

Yesterday, we worked at an infirmary in the city of Savannah Lamar.  It is much like a nursing home, but they take care of other homeless as well. We painted the front of one of the ward blocks, and enjoyed some fellowship with the residents there. Then, we “hit the streets” of Savannah Lamar, sharing the good news with people we met.

Today began with a 6:30 AM Ash Wednesday service, which was absolutely great. God showed up and it was really a great time with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Later that day, we held a VBS and had about 40 kids from the neighborhood show up. We provided lessons, crafts, snacks, and music for the kids. Our team’s joy truly came out within this ministry.

We ate jerk chicken for dinner and then went to Negril for a Gospel, Jazz, and Blues concert. Some great musicians from all over Jamaica came and participated in the concert. It was great music and fellowship.

We will be in Negril for the rest of the nights we are here. Everyone is feeling great and doing well.  Other than the occasional headaches, everyone is staying healthy and eating well.  Thanks for your continued prayers and God Bless!!

The Jamaica Team


Update #3

Things here are good.  I am sorry an update has not come in a while, but we have been extremely busy.
Everyone is in great health, other than a little sunburn, and everyone has really enjoyed themselves.  It is crazy to think that we will be heading back to the states tomorrow, and there are many students that are very sad to return. (Don't worry, everyone will be coming back.)

We are heading to Negril tonight for a Gospel concert on the beach and then will we head to Montego Bay tonight to stay with Dr. Doug McCloy. We will then wake up and travel back.  God has been so good and is so faithful.  I know the students miss you all and love you all.  Be looking for messages from them tomorrow as soon as we get back to let you know that we have made it home.  We will see you all soon.

The Jamaica Team

The team made it safely back to the states, joyful about having served with TAG in Jamaica.