Trevecca Nazarene University

°Lo Logramos!

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COPLA, Comité de Padres Latinos/Committee of Latino Parents in a partnership with community stakeholders, hosted the 4th Annual Hispanic Student Graduation Celebration and Parent Recognition Event for the Class of 2011, on Sunday, June 12, at Trevecca Nazarene University’s Boone Business Building. The theme of the event was ¡Lo Logramos! (We Made It!).

The doors opened to this invitation-only event at 4:30 PM, where a welcoming introduction was made, followed by a dinner at 5:00 PM, and the ceremony at 6:00 PM.

Nearly 450 Metro School Hispanic seniors were recognized on Sunday along with their parents by Mayor Karl Dean, Director of Schools Dr. Jesse Register, and other dignitaries and guests. Each speaker was accompanied by a Spanish translator as they addressed the students and families of the importance of their accomplishment. Trevecca student and soccer player, Francisco Maciel, spoke of his time at Trevecca and the importance of continuing his education. The keynote speaker was local artist and radio personality Jaci Velasquez who concluded the night with a wonderful performance of her most popular songs sung in Spanish.

Graduates also received a certificate to celebrate their graduation and had their photographs taken with their family members. Sponsors and colleges were located at tables towards the back of the building where graduates could acquire information about furthering their education.

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to view a full Facebook photo gallery of the COPLA event held at Trevecca.