Trevecca Nazarene University

Summer construction

Renovation of McClurkan Building includes construction of a ditch across Hart Street so that a new water line could be run to both McClurkan and Greathouse.

It has been another busy summer of construction at Trevecca, as several projects are in full swing and set to improve many of the areas on campus.

As all other areas of the University see improvement and growth, it is important that the campus facilities make advancements as well. Below are listed the various construction projects that are taking place, finishing up, or about to begin.

Adams Parking Area
This project is wrapping up as the parking spots have been lined and the lampposts are being set.  Handrails for the stairs down the south end of Johnson are due to arrive soon. To allow asphalt plenty of time to set up, through traffic will not be allowed until Monday, August 1. Landscaping will begin soon but it will likely be mid August before it is completed. Trees will likely come last in September or October.

McClurkan Building
Construction is well underway, as any visual observation would confirm.  The interior has been stripped back to the original walls in most every place and a ditch was cut across Hart Street so that a new water line (larger capacity) could be run to both McClurkan and Greathouse.

Greathouse Science Building
The first floor labs are coming together, with painting completed, lab tables installed, and epoxy floors are soon to be poured. The first floor should be reoccupied by August 15, 2011, if not earlier.  The new elevator will be completed by September 15, 2011, shortly after the school year has started.  The roof on the main building is also being redone as part of normal maintenance and after completion, will be home to several bee hives being placed on the north end of the roof as part of an ongoing sustainability effort, devised to allow those on campus to cultivate honey.

Plant Operations / Communications Academic Building
Plant Operations continues their move to Nance Lane where the Alternator Exchange business had been for 18 years.  This is behind the “blue house” where Security and the Print Shop are located.  All Plant Operations functions will be consolidated there.  The old Plant Ops building continues to be renovated for its new purpose.  The fully functional classroom on the upper floor, relocation of radio station equipment, and a working studio are now complete. A fully dedicated art studio is nearing completion.  The rest of the building will be used for drama costume storage, drama set production, and electric guitar and drum class/practice space.

Tidwell Building
The first floor has been completely renovated and the Religion Department has moved in here during the renovation of McClurkan.

Athletic Restroom Facility
The new restroom facility near the entrance of the soccer field is awaiting the permitting process.  Plans were submitted and are now waiting approval. The building should go up quickly once the permit is received.  Temporary restroom facilities will be available once students return.

Moore Gymnasium Seating
Old bleachers on the first level were removed and the floor is being redone to accommodate new lines needed for both basketball and volleyball beginning soon.  New stadium seating for the north side and new ergonomically formed bleachers for the south side will be delivered on August 18.  If delivered that day, the installation crew will work through the weekend and plan to have installation complete early the next week.

Parking & Tennis Courts
Soon the old and damaged tennis courts will be paved over with asphalt and and converted into parking. It is expected that nearly 100 parking spots will be gained with this project. Two new courts will be built along Nance Lane, north of the soccer field. The large trees existing there will be retained.

Wakefield Fine Arts Building
New energy-efficient windows have been ordered. Similar to the rationale for replacing the windows in the girls’ dorms, significant energy savings are expected.