Trevecca Nazarene University

Jamaica TAG Team Updates

Here is the final update from the Jamaica TAG trip:

This week has passed too quickly! The team has ministered in several different schools sharing during their devotions. Yes, they have school devotions! The students listening seemed receptive, and we found that many are Christians.  Our team's messages were testimonies to encourage and challenge students to trust God for the plans for their life, no matter what situations life deals them. The team spent Thursday working on the mission center and painting the sanctuary of Mt. Carmel Church of the Nazarene.  Friday they attended the Gospel Beach Party, and Saturday they ministered to people on the beach and invited them to the activities of the Family Fun Day and Grand Gospel Concert. It was affirming to find that many of the young people came to team members and spoke to them because the team had been at their school. Tomorrow the team returns home. Please pray for them as they make the transition back to the US and their school schedule and as they process all they have experienced in the last week.

We received this update Monday night from one of the students named Amy:

The team arrived safely Saturday afternoon and spent the evening resting and acclimating to our new surroundings.  The temperature is in the 80s, the flowers are in bloom, and the landscape is gorgeous!

Sunday morning the team attended Burnt Savannah Church of the Nazarene where there was an emphasis on harvest - both physical and spiritual.  A second team from Baltimore arrived during the service, and the teams will be working together this week.  During the afternoon, the teams relaxed and  then sorted clothes and other donations that will be used in ministry this week.  Some team members attended the Sunday evening service where church members brought their offerings of fruit, vegetables, and baked goods to be sold; the funds are used in the ministry of the church.  On Monday morning, the teams rose early and went to a high school and a primary school to lead devotions.  In the afternoon, the Baltimore team went to Negril, and the TNU team remained at the mission house to work on the Gamertsfelder Mission Center (GMC).  The work at the GMC consisted of cleaning the floors and moving concrete and concrete blocks.  

On Tuesday, the teams will lead devotions at another primary school; the theme will be 'peace.'  The teams will then go to an infirmary to visit elderly individuals who have little support or contact with their families.  In the afternoon, the teams will visit a children's hospital to minister to young people.  During the rest of the week, the teams will participate in Elasha Spring Fest, a ministry to people on the beaches of Negril which involves beach volleyball and soccer and lots of music.  You may continue to support the team in prayer - for the students leading devotions and the students hearing the message; for the ministry in the infirmary and hospital and the people in those places; for the beach outreach ministry and the people on the beach.  Finally, pray for the harvest - that seeds already sown would be reaped, and that seeds being sown would take root and grow.  The team deeply appreciates your support and your prayers!


We received this update Saturday night:

The TAG team's journey to Jamaica went well. They have arrived in Montego Bay and they are now traveling to their ministry site in Frome. The team is in high spirits and all is well!