Trevecca Nazarene University

Lillenas Publishing Company moving to Trevecca campus

Trevecca is pleased to announce that Lillenas Publishing Company will relocate its administrative offices to Trevecca’s campus. The new offices of Lillenas Publishing Company will be on the ground floor of the Tidwell Faculty Building at Trevecca. In 2009 Lillenas moved its creative division to Nashville, and the relocation of the administrative unit will make Nashville Lillenas’ new headquarters. 

In addition to announcing its move to Nashville, Lillenas also announced a five-year agreement with LifeWay Worship, of Nashville, regarding sales and order fulfillment of its products. Lillenas announced that this agreement with LifeWay will enable it to expand the audience for its products.

Trevecca and Lillenas have entered into a co-publishing agreement. The first product to come from that agreement was a student-written song recorded earlier this year by Refuge, one of the University’s public relations groups. (Click here to view the video of that recording.) 

Other opportunities being discussed by the University and Lillenas include internships for students, opportunities for students to showcase their songs for Lillenas, and opportunities for students to create demos for Lillenas. Additionally, Lillenas will bring music industry leaders to campus for events. David Caldwell, Trevecca’s executive vice president for finance and administration, explained the significance of this Trevecca-Lillenas relationship: “We believe this partnership between Trevecca and Lillenas is a win-win scenario that will prove to be mutually beneficial in many ways to both institutions over time.”

The University anticipates that Lillenas will complete its move to the campus during the summer.