Trevecca Nazarene University

TNU freshmen learn about serving

Trevecca Nazarene University freshmen learned some important lessons the day before classes began — ones that are integral to their college experience. On Monday, these freshmen gained direct knowledge and experience about community — the kind that exists on Trevecca’s campus and in Nashville, their new home for this year. They devoted the better part of that day in service to the community by participating in service projects.

The students painted, cleaned, hauled trash, worked in gardens, met new people, and learned how to give back to the city of Nashville. The day took some teams to Fall Hamilton Elementary School, Cameron Middle School, Whitsett Elementary School, Glencliff High School, and Glenview Elementary School. Other teams worked for the Salvation Army, Rocketown, the Chestnut Hill Community, and Trinity Church of the Nazarene.

University administrators planned this day as a way to help shape and inform students’ total college experience. 

“The Freshmen Service Day initiative is designed to begin with the end in mind,” said Tom Middendorf, director of Trevecca’s Center for Leadership, Calling, and Service. “In only four years, these same students will graduate with their degrees and be commissioned to leave campus to lead and serve in communities. The gift of education is something to be shared. Our students will share that gift with businesses, churches, hospitals, schools, and many other areas. At Trevecca, we begin with the idea that we receive something that we will share with the Nashville community and beyond.”

While the freshmen served the city, upperclassmen registered for the new school year. The school year began on Tuesday, August 28, with university president Dan Boone speaking in chapel prior to the year's first classes.

Registration numbers for the new fall semester will not be finalized until all programs have completed registration later in September.