Trevecca Nazarene University

Trevecca decides to “Enjoy Coca Cola”

After being a “Pepsi product campus” for many years, Trevecca will switch to Coke products in June, when its current contract with Pepsi ends. The decision to make this change was based on input from students and employees, collected via a survey.

Engaging the campus community in the decision, said David Caldwell, Trevecca executive vice president for finance and administration, was a natural part of the process. “I don’t personally know any better way to make a decision than to have the best feedback possible,” he said. “The end user provides the best feedback. Many persons expressed a desire that Trevecca consider Coke.”

In the negotiations both Pepsi and Coke offered very appealing proposals, said Caldwell; however, the benefits offered by Coke and the pro-Coke responses from members of the campus community sealed the decision to change. Coke will install newer vending machines on campus, ones with many more credit-card options, and the price will remain at $1.25. Additionally, users will have many more options—organic tea, Smart Water, naturally flavored zer0-calorie waters, and coconut water (which students requested). Coke will also install a vending machine outside, as part of the athletic rest room facility, to serve persons attending games on the softball, soccer, and baseball fields.

“As an indirect result of the contract, Trevecca will have all new scoreboards for athletics,” added Caldwell. “Since the 1950s Trevecca has enjoyed a relationship with Pepsi. The Pepsi-Trevecca relationship has been a good one. Campus customers wanted a change.”