Trevecca Nazarene University

Awards chapel recognizes student accomplishments

The final chapel service each spring is the Awards Chapel, in which the University recognizes the accomplishments of students and student organizations during that school year. This year's Awards Chapel took place on Thursday, April 24, and the following awards were presented.

Skinner School of Business and Technology

  • Excellence in Graphic Design & Multimedia – Monika Ramaji
  • Overall Excellence in IT – Laura Courtney
  • Outstanding Sophomore Award – Matthew Deal
  • Outstanding Junior Award – Connor Inman
  • Institute of Internal Auditors’ Outstanding Accounting Graduate – Sarah Smith
  • Financial Executive International Outstanding Student Scholarship Award – Bradley Bennett
  • Outstanding Music Business Graduate – Brad Kinnison
  • Department of Business Phi Delta Lambda Award – Sarah Smith
  • Department of Information Technology Phi Delta Lambda Award – Laura Courtney
  • Gerald D. Skinner Senior Award – Spencer Cole

Department of Communication Studies

  • Performers of the Year – Joey Hutton & Montgomery Sparrow
  • Creative Artist Achievement Award – Hilary Frame
  • Journalism Awards – Tyler Whetstone - TrevEchoes
  •  Micah Mandate Award- Stephens Hiland
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award – Holland Clements

School of Education

  • Outstanding Student Teacher Award--Ashley Durkee, Carly Jolley – First Semester;Kaci Bell, Danielle Taylor – Second Semester
  • Leadership in Education Award – Heather Shuler
  • Service in Education Award – Erin Wiese
  • Promising Future in Education Award – Alycia Alsbrooks
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award – Ashley Durkee

Department of English

  • Creative Writing Award for Fiction – Elizabeth Baxter
  • Creative Writing Award for Poetry – Emily Diehl
  • Creative Writing Award for Non-Fiction – Victoria White
  • Best Scholarly Paper Award – Erin Wiese, Victoria White
  • English Major Award – Katrina Ford
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award – Jordan Taylor

Department of Science and Mathematics

  • Cracked Cranium Award – Christina Curtner
  • Nursing Award – Erin Cox
  • Biology Award – Jared Moore
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award – Briana Corzine
  • Chemistry Award – Anthony Dikhtyar

Waggoner Library

  • Outstanding Student Assistant Award – Kee’ Anthony Lindsley

Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • History & Political Science Award – Alyssa Blumer
  • Psychology Award – Drew Porter
  • Social Work Award – Chelsea Hardy
  • Outstanding Student in Criminal Justice – Brandon Helms
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award – Chelsea Hardy

Department of Music

  • Madrigalians Award – Cassandra Langjahr
  • Jazz Ensemble Award – Spencer Stevens
  • Steinway Piano Gallery Musical Excellence Award – Mitch Schneider
  • Gospel Choir Award – Luke Grimes
  • Vocal Edge Award - Christopher Rush
  • Wind Ensemble Award – Anna Batten
  • Musician of the Year – Cassandra Langjahr
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award – Richard Halstead

Millard Reed School of Theology and Christian Ministry

  • Youth Ministry Award – Ben Stanhope
  • William J. Strickland Church History Award – Carlos Ruiz
  • New Testament Greek Award – Aaron Blank
  • Biblical Hebrew Award – Justin Schoolcraft
  • Intercultural Studies Award – Ingrid Kiper
  • Servant Award – Amanda Sparrow
  • Religion Phi Delta Lambda Award – Ryan Bloyd
  • Social Justice Outstanding Senior Award – Raydhira Abreu
  • Social Justice Phi Delta Lambda Award – Isaiah Fish
  • Worship Arts Phi Delta Lambda Award – Ethan Millsap
  • Preaching Award – Annette Williams, Brittany Sparrow, Josh Warren

Department of Exercise and Sport Science

  • Excellence in Exercise Science Award –Lanie Foutch
  • Excellence in Sport Management Award – Mark Rayburn
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award – Jonathan Baskin


  • Female Christian Athlete Award – Anna Mitchell
  • Male Christian Athlete Award – Stephen Williams

Who's Who--Kaci Bell, Ryan Bloyd, Kerri Carden, Persephonie Devereaux, Paige Evans, Isaiah Fish, Deborah Givens, Ashley Hoffner, Dillon Jones, Brycellyn LaBorde, Sydney Maxfield, Tyler Whetstone

Research Symposium Awards– Kirsti Hanech, Briana Corzine, Ingrid Kiper, Kayla Steward

Organizational Awards

  • Student Alumni Award – Persephonie Devereaux
  • Darda Dedication – Ms. Joyce Snodgrass
  • A. W. “Toby” Williams Award – Tim Bergman
  • Distinguished Leadership Certificates – Curtis Rich, Stacy Murugan, Levi Osborne, Kayla Steward, Daniel Hare, Katy Duckhorn, Jacob Thompson, J.J. Wyzinski
  • RHA Officer of the Year Award – Breanna Wright, Trenton Bailey
  • Peer Mentor of the Year Award – Hope Kennerly
  • RA of the Year Award – John Keaton

All-School Awards

  • School Spirit – Athyn Galardi, Nick Polk
  • Kyle Funke Student Activities Award – Kathryn Stocks, Griffin Dunn
  • Religious Activities – Jasmine Stiles-Barnes, Cory Williams
  • Scholarship – Briana Corzine, Dillon Jones
  • Dependability – Megan Trees, Michael Cypher
  • Leadership – Sydney Maxfield, Jacob Shackley
  • Club of the Year – Best Buddies
  • Class of the Year – Junior Class