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President Dan Boone releases new book

Trevecca Nazarene University President Dan Boone’s latest book, The Way We Work: How Faith Makes a Difference on the Job (Beacon Hill Press, 2014), releases July 1 and answers the question “What difference does it make in my job if I’m a Christian?”

In this book, his fourteenth, Boone examines ways to restore biblical value to work. The Way We Work helps Christians view their work as a gift from God. Based upon the Christian theology of work, The Way We Work explores biblical teachings about work: from the life of Moses, Genesis, Ecclesiastes, the teachings of Isaiah, Proverbs, the writings of St. Paul, and the parables of Christ.

Recognizing that the topic of work is complex, Boone begins by acknowledging that work is both a gift from God and a curse: “[O]ur work can be done in likeness to God: creative, loving, life-embracing. Or it can be done like the devil: stealing, killing, and destroying. Work is eternal. We will be judged forever by the quality and imprint of our work. Our work follows us into tomorrow. But it is temporal.”

The book explores other aspects of work: laziness on the job, how words—both positive and negative—can have an impact on the workplace, the ways that pain and suffering are involved in work, the ways that persons can use their vocations to bless others, the lessons for workers in God’s “gift of the Sabbath,” the importance leaving behind gifts that support God’s work, and the way work can damage church relationships.

The words of one reviewer of this book explain the power of this text: “Why will I urge my friends, teachers, ministers, CEOs, and janitors to read Dan Boone’s The Way We Work: How Faith Makes a Difference on the Job? Because it will

  • Enable friends to get through nights of doubt about and weariness from work,
  • Encourage teachers to connect to students,
  • Lead ministers to teach that Christians can teach in and through work,
  • [Help] CEOs to see profits as the means of providing employment, and
  • Nurture janitors to see purpose in their service.”

The Way We Work: How Faith Makes a Difference on the Job is available from the publisher, Beacon Hill Press, and from

Read sample pages at the publisher’s website here.

About the Author

Dan Boone, D. Min., has served for 20 years as pastor of college campus churches in Nashville, Tennessee, and Bourbonnais, Illinois. Since 2005, Dr. Boone has served as president of Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tennessee.

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