Trevecca Nazarene University

Social work professor gives time to those in need

Most teachers and professors use their summers to take a break from the chaos of school, but Dr. Ron Maurer decided to take a week of his chaos-free summer to minister to others.

Through a church trip, Maurer learned the importance of loving people, regardless of where they come from.

Maurer and his wife joined their church on a weeklong trip to work at a foster care ranch in northeast Oklahoma, called Circle of Care. The ranch provides a place for foster children to stay with stable families, as well as reunite with their own families.

The group served in various ways, from fixing door jams to installing smoke detectors to playing with the children staying on the ranch. They helped with whatever was needed on the ranch.

Maurer pointed out that going on this trip was just one way he could do something to serve those in need. He explained that oftentimes, people “see a large mountain in front of them,” and they get discouraged and feel they can’t overcome that problem. But by working as a team, he said, the mountain didn’t seem so high anymore. The team from Maurer’s church, as well as some people in the ranch community, got together and served.

“It’s important for us as Christians to reach out to different people, whether they are Native Americans, or whoever they might be. It’s about establishing relationships.”

Furthermore, Maurer explained that sometimes people have trouble working with those who are different than they are. He said that the solution to this is as simple as loving people.

 “If you have love for people you can get beyond the cultural differences. I think that’s what we have to strive for is the realization that we’re one in Christ, and that love in Christ overcomes any of the other differences that we might have.”

Written by Christy Ulmet