Trevecca Nazarene University

Summer 2014 campus improvements and renovations


Trevecca has made a number of improvements across the campus this summer to prepare for the arrival of students this fall. Read below for a detailed list of recent campus upgrades.

The highlight of this summer’s improvements—Construction of the Reed Memorial Bell Tower

  • Gift in honor of Millard Reed: This new structure, a gift from long-time friends of former president Millard Reed, will add beauty and traditions to the central campus.

Benson Hall

  • New windows: The 40-year-old windows in this building were replaced—another improvement for energy savings.
  • The whole building was painted.

Bud Robinson Building

  • Technology upgrades: Touchscreen Windows 8 computer kiosks were added in the CLCS.

Golf Practice Area

  • Addition of an on-campus practice facility for golf teams: This new practice area, created with a special golf turf, landscaping and a fence, will be a place for members of the golf teams to practice their chipping and their short game.

Greathouse Science Building

  • Renovation of the east side, the “PA 3rd Floor” (faces Waggoner Library): The east side of the third floor was gutted, a change that allowed the creation of larger, renovated classrooms for physician assistant students; this primary instructional classroom is now the most high-tech classroom on campus. It will have two 87” Dell Interactive Touch Boards that serve for projection, smart boards, and regular white boards.

  • Improvement of PA lab: Another benefit of the third-floor renovation is the enlargement of the PA lab to accommodate all PA lab students at one time. This lab is also equipped with a camera-connected computer at the teacher’s station so that the instructor can demonstrate a procedure (at the front of the classroom) while students to watch it on one of the overhead projection units.

  • New lounge for PA students: A comfortable new lounge has been created on the third floor of Greathouse Science Building for the use of PA students.
  • New windows: The 50-year-old windows in this building were replaced with new energy-efficient ones, which will pay for themselves in reduced utility costs.

Jernigan Student Center

  • Addition of a new vestibule: A new glass vestibule was added to the Hart Street entrance to improve control of the temperature in The Hub.

  • Improvements in seating in the Apple Dining Room: The removal of 8 booths and their replacement with high-density seating will mean that Apple Dining Room can now accommodate 50 additional persons during mealtime. The new counter seating area also has outlets for diners to charge their electronic equipment while they eat. 

Laundry Facilities Campus Wide

  • The University’s seven-year contract for laundry appliances ends the week students arrive. The University has selected a new vendor for this equipment, and plant operations is cleaning and renovating laundry rooms as needed during the transition of equipment. 

Martin Building

  • Renovation of second-floor lobby: The second-floor lobby of the Martin Building was configured with new counters added to make serving customers more convenient.

Moore Physical Education Building

  • Replacement of the floor in the Trojan Fieldhouse and the racquetball courts: The 50-year-old floor in the Fieldhouse was replaced completely—all the way to the concrete. $120,000 project

  • Addition of a new exercise science lab, offices, conference room, classrooms, and all-purpose room

  • Expansion of the Wellness Center: The hallway and two classrooms across that hall from the Wellness Center were incorporated into the Center. Approximately 50 pieces of exercise equipment were acquired from a Baptist wellness center which was closing and added to the Center, Exercise Science Lab, and training rooms.

  • Renovated laundry facility: The laundry room for athletic teams was renovated, and larger, more efficient appliances were installed.

Plant Operations Building

  • Relocation of plant operations: By the end of August, plant operations will move to a different facility, located at 58 Nance Lane. The University purchased this warehouse (across from the intramural field) for plant operations. Moving plant operations into this new facility will free land for the Walden Woods development.

Shingler Apartments

  • Renovation of all bathrooms: Bathrooms in these apartments were gutted; then new fixtures, new showers with glass doors, and new tile floors were installed.

Softball Field

  • Addition of a new batting pavilion: This new structure has artificial turf and allows batters to have a covered practice area.

  • Creation of access to warm-up and practice areas: The addition of a door to the home team dugout now gives players convenient access to the warm-up and practice areas.     
  • Revitalized the warm-up and practice areas: This area behind the home dugout was cleaned up and leveled, in preparation for the possible addition of new turf.

Waggoner Library

  • Redesign/repurposing of periodical area: The periodicals and the shelving located behind the main desk on the main floor of Waggoner have been relocated, creating a new study space with new tables and chairs, technology at each table, and comfortable seating.

Campus Technology

  • Phase 1 of a multi-year campus technology improvement plan: This first phase includes 1) New wireless access points that allow four times as many devices to be connect. These devices are in Benson, Bush, Redford, Shingler, the Arts Annex, and Johnson. 2) IT is in the process of completing the addition of high-speed fiber optic Internet connections to the following buildings: Benson, Bush, Shingler, the Arts Annex, Johnson, and Martin. This new service provides a faster connection for users in those buildings—approximately 10 times faster, although actual speeds will vary based on the number of users connected and the traffic on the network.  This new service will be available in September.
  • Return of Spotify: As of August 15, IT has returned Spotify to Trevecca. IT leadership made the decision to bring this application back because Spotify is in the process of changing its delivery method from a peer-to-peer model.