1. Michael Porter featured as "Face on 'the Hill'"

    Michael Porter, Assistant to the Director of the Music Business Program, is featured as Trevecca's "Face on 'the Hill.'"
  2. Johnson named coach of the year

    Women's golf coach Michael Johnson is named conference coach of the year for the third consecutive year.
  3. Women's golf: team, coach, Beaver TranSouth champions

    Trevecca has claimed the TranSouth women's golf championship for the third consecutive season.
  4. TNT at TNU

    More than 2,000 teenagers and parents will come to Trevecca this week for the annual TNT at TNU, April 12-14.
  5. "Face of the Future" Days

    ìFace of the Futureî days, to be held April 12 and 13 on the campus quad, will feature a solar-powered vehicle and personal carbon footprints provided by a University ecology class.
  6. Book signing party

    University President Dan Boone will autograph copies of his newest book, ìThe Worship Plot,î Thursday, April 12.
  7. Stewardship of the Earth Day

    Environmentalist Jim Ball will speak on ìThe Risen Lord and Global Warmingî at Treveccaís second annual Stewardship of the Earth Day, April 10, 2007.
  8. Trevecca athletics is looking for all former Trojan baseball players.

    Trevecca athletics is looking for all former Trojan baseball players.
  9. Circle K Luncheon

    The Office of Alumni Services welcomes all men to the fourth annual Circle K Luncheon to be held on campus April 27.
  10. University community participates in poverty simulation

    Students, administrators, and faculty members will gain firsthand experience in understanding what living in poverty really means.