1. Campus security--Topic of meeting with Metro Nashville Police Department

    Trevecca representatives attended a meeting on Monday called by the Metro Nashville Police Department.
  2. Drama professor wins award for third year

    Professor Jeff Frame has again won a prestigious award for his writing.
  3. Trevecca joins in day of mourning

    Along with others across the nation, members of the Trevecca community gathered around the flagpole this morning for a time of remembrance for those at Virginia Tech.
  4. President Boone responds to Va Tech shooting

    The Trevecca University community joins the nation in concern for Virginia Tech in the wake of yesterday's tragedy.
  5. Alumnus performs at Carnegie Hall

    Trevecca alumnus and faculty member Erin Marie Thomas Horner '01, will appear in concert at New York City's Carnegie Hall in May.
  6. WIMN "You Are Called" conference

    Trevecca will host the Women in Ministry Network inaugural event, the ìYou Are Calledî conference, April 26-28, 2007.
  7. Michael Porter featured as "Face on 'the Hill'"

    Michael Porter, Assistant to the Director of the Music Business Program, is featured as Trevecca's "Face on 'the Hill.'"
  8. Johnson named coach of the year

    Women's golf coach Michael Johnson is named conference coach of the year for the third consecutive year.
  9. Women's golf: team, coach, Beaver TranSouth champions

    Trevecca has claimed the TranSouth women's golf championship for the third consecutive season.
  10. TNT at TNU

    More than 2,000 teenagers and parents will come to Trevecca this week for the annual TNT at TNU, April 12-14.