1. Associate provost and dean of enrollment management announced

    Sam Green has been named Treveccaís first associate provost and dean of enrollment management.
  2. Student Success Center Announced

    Treveccaís new strategic plan includes a student success initiative.
  3. Alum Profile

    The life story of Trevecca 1969 alum, Rev. Larry Abbott, is noted in a feature news story for the ìMacomb Journal.î
  4. Alum profile

    Trevecca alumnus and recently promoted elementary school principal Teresa Bunch is featured in the Jackson Sun article, Bunch: 'I look at teaching as a gift given to me by God.
  5. Athletic Director Alan Smith to retire in May

    Athletic Director Alan Smith has announced this will be his final year at the helm of the Trevecca athletic department.
  6. Trevecca sponsors DCA chapel

    Trevecca sponsors Donelson Christian Academy chapel service.
  7. Student presides in intercollegiate legislatureís general assembly

    Trevecca student joins more than 70 college students to preside as Speaker of the House for the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature.
  8. Students participate in national climate initiative press conference

    Two students travel to Washington, D.C. to represent Trevecca in the Evangelical Youth Climate Initiative Press Conference.
  9. Homecoming 2006 Coverage

    Video, audio and still photography from Trevecca's Homecoming on the Hill 2006 are now available on the web.
  10. Robert Garrett Classic

    Trevecca will host the Robert Garrett Classic this weekend, November 10-11, in memory of former Trojan Robert Garrett II.