1. Trevecca Symphony Orchestra announces European tour

    The Trevecca Symphony Orchestra is set to perform in a European concert tour July 12-23, and will be featured in a home concert, Monday, July 10.
  2. Doctoral students on campus for ISLE events

    This yearís ISLE or Intensified Summer Learning Experience brings 125 doctoral students to campus. The event, begun on Friday, June 23, will last nine days
  3. YES Conference meets on campus

    Over 100 NYI high school students meet on campus for the YES leadership conference June 19-23.
  4. Collins named Trojan baseball head coach

    The Trojan baseball head coach position is given to current assistant coach and former Trojan All-American Chris Collins.
  5. Freshman Orientation

    An expected 454 guests of incoming freshman and their parents converge on campus for freshman orientation.
  6. Gordan E. Inman Center for nursing students opens

    The newly opened $22.5 million nursing facility on the campus of Belmont University will serve students in Treveccaís nursing program as part of the Partners in Nursing Consortium.
  7. 2006 Annual Trevecca Golf Classic

    The 19th Annual Trevecca Golf Classic hosts 92 golfers from 8 states.
  8. Trevecca softball team finishes top season

    Trevecca softball team finishes top season.
  9. Trevecca commencement speeches linked in "The Tennessean"

    "The Tennessean" lists links to Trevecca commencement speeches.
  10. Softball team advances to top eight

    After three wins and one loss in the 26th Annual NAIA National Softball Championship held in Decatur, AL over the weekend, Treveccaís softball team has advanced to the final eight.