1. Trevecca hosts Stamps-Baxter School of Music

    Trevecca plays host to Ben Speer's Stamps-Baxter School of Music, which will be on campus July 17-28.
  2. Men's Basketball is featured in The Nashville City Paper

    The Nashville City Paper has featured the Trevecca basketball team in a story about coach Sam Harris's recruitment in Kenya.
  3. Summer 2006 Treveccan

    The Summer 2006 Treveccan is available on the web.
  4. Trevecca hosts Kentucky District Teen Camp

    Trevecca is hosting this yearís Kentucky District Teen Camp, providing a week of activities, community service, education, and spiritual growth for more than 200 youth ages 13 to 18.
  5. Mission Encounter group on Trevecca's campus

    The urban mission trip group, Mission Encounter, will soon complete its third week-long stay on Treveccaís campus.
  6. Steve Hurst School of Music at Trevecca

    The Steve Hurst School of Music brings More than 280 active and aspiring music ministers to the Trevecca campus.
  7. Congressman visits campus

    U.S. Congressman Jim Cooper visited Treveccaís campus Thursday, July 6 at the invitation of the University.
  8. Trevecca Symphony Orchestra announces European tour

    The Trevecca Symphony Orchestra is set to perform in a European concert tour July 12-23, and will be featured in a home concert, Monday, July 10.
  9. Doctoral students on campus for ISLE events

    This yearís ISLE or Intensified Summer Learning Experience brings 125 doctoral students to campus. The event, begun on Friday, June 23, will last nine days
  10. YES Conference meets on campus

    Over 100 NYI high school students meet on campus for the YES leadership conference June 19-23.