1. Alumni can nominate for annual alumni awards

    The Office of Alumni Services invites Trevecca alums to nominate persons to receive the annual Alumni Awards.
  2. College Republicans host two-day Political Awareness and Leadership Sessions with candidates for US Senate seat

    College Republicans host candidates and state Republican leaders on April 6-7 at a new event on campus.
  3. Annual Madrigal dinner

    April 6, 7, and 10 are the nights of the annual Spring Madrigal Dinners.
  4. Trevecca authors honored

    Trevecca Authors' Day, April 3, celebrated the accomplishments of faculty writers.
  5. Trevecca welcomes TNT@TNU

    Trevecca is pleased to welcome young people from the Southeast for the annual TNT@TNU.
  6. Nationally known environmentalist to speak at Treveccaís Stewardship of the Earth Day

    Susan Drake Emmerich, environmentalist and proponent of environmental stewardship, will speak at Trevecca on April 18.
  7. Trevecca chapel services now available for listening online.

    Visitors to this Web site can listen to Trevecca's weekly chapel services by clicking here.
  8. Alumni asked to complete survey for directory

    Trevecca alumni should expect to receive a survey from the Harris Co., asking them to update their information for the 2006 Trevecca Alumni Directory.
  9. Science professor initiating national exam for anatomy and physiology

    Chris Farrell, biology instructor, is working to implement an exam that can be used as external testing of teching in anatomy and physiology.
  10. Communications instructor elected to national steering committee

    David Deese, assistant professor of broadcasting and communication, was elected to the steering committee of the Intercollegiate National Religious Broadcasters.