1. Trevecca senior wins "dream" internship

    Billy Byler, Trevecca senior, fulfills his "dream" job after winning an internship at Nashville's daily newspaper.
  2. Plans announced for Faculty Development Retreat

    This year's Faculty Development Retreat will focus on the integration of faith and learning.
  3. Premarital Workshop will offer training for students who are engaged

    Trevecca's Career and Counseling Center announces its annual Premarital Workshop, January 28-29, for students who are engaged or about to be engaged.
  4. Immunology students visit HIV researcher

    Members of the Immunology class visit one of the twelve HIV vaccine study labs in the world.
  5. Angel Tree Christmas Party welcomes 200 "angels"

    The annual Angel Tree Christmas Party proves successful again.
  6. Trustees seek input from campus community for presidential search

    Two executive officers of the Trevecca Board of Trustees met with representatives of campus groups, seeking their input about the search for a new president.
  7. Treveccans in "A Night of Allelulias"

    The University was well represented when "A Night of Alleluias" was performed December 2.
  8. Students feast on God

    Students proclaim their hunger for God at the monthly "Feast."
  9. Board of trustees elect new officers

    The Trevecca Board of Trustees elected new executive officers during its fall meeting.
  10. More memories--Homecoming 2004

    Homecoming 2004 helped Trevecca's alumni and friends make more memories.