1. President Reed and two alums honored at Homecoming 2004

    The Trevecca Alumni Association will present its highest awards to President Reed and two alumni--Fred Faith and Bruce Oldham.
  2. Student's MSM entrance application published

    Robert Murray, a new student in the MSM Program, has received word that his entrance application will appear in a local business journal.
  3. Community development major using his learning

    Junior Michael Rhodes used his classroom learning to help spearhead the students' fall break trip to Florida.
  4. Trevecca senior appears in local opera

    Senior Andy Fosythe will sing in local production of "Amahl and the Night Visitors."
  5. Important information for alumni who will attend Homecoming 2004

    An event at the coliseum downtown on November 6 is expected to cause traffic problems for persons who will be attending the Homecoming Concert that evening.
  6. Students arrange for friend to visit dad before his deployment

    Friends of Stacey Wadding surprised her with tickets to fly to Hawaii to say good-bye to her father before he was deployed to Afghanistan.
  7. Sturgis Trio to perform in Wakefield Auditorium

    The Sturgis Trio will present a concert Tuesday, October 19, in Wakefield Auditorium at 7:30 P.M.
  8. Billboards congratulate Professor Foglesong for induction in Country Music Hall of Fame

    The billboards at the entryway to the University congratulate Professor Foglesong for his upcoming induction into the Coutnry Music Hall of Fame.
  9. Live in "Technicolor": Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

    The fall drama production is quickly approaching.
  10. Classical guitarist to perform at Trevecca

    October 15 Stanley Yates will perform in Wakefield Auditorium.