1. National test results affirm strength of General Education Program

    The results from a national exam taken by seniors in 156 colleges and universities indicate that Trevecca's General Education Program prepares students very well. (Note the rankings at the end of the article.)
  2. More awards for athletic publications

    Trevecca receives more awards for publications produced by the athletic department.
  3. Christian Ministry Institute hosts seminars on clergy preparation

    Trevecca's Christian Ministry Institute conducts The Master's Teacher Seminars for leaders and pastors in the Church of the Nazarene.
  4. Bicycling is productive hobby for a professor

    Professor Don Kintner rides his bike for good causes and to classes on distant campuses.
  5. Trevecca alumnus drafted by major league team

    B. J. Jenkins was drafted by the San Diego Padres.
  6. Trevecca campus busy place in summer

    The summer schedule of events on campus means that the Trevecca campus will be the busy while the students are away.
  7. Students make missions trip to Italy

    The Trevecca around the Globe team (TAG) spent nine days in Florence, Italy, and took part in service-ministry efforts.
  8. 17th Trevecca Golf Classic held

    The 17th Annual Trevecca Golf Classic was played May 27-28.
  9. Salvation Army students attend classes at Trevecca

    The Salvation Army brings its members to Trevecca campus for classes.
  10. EverPraise offers new CD

    EverPraise, one of Trevecca's two traveling musical ensembles, has released is new CD. (You can listen to a sound clip below.)