1. 2011 English gradudate receives five-year fellowship to PhD program

    An English graduate from the class of 2011 received a five-year fellowship to the PhD program in English at Baylor University.

  2. 2010 Trevecca Nazarene University English graduate receives full fellowship

    An English graduate from the class of 2010 received a full fellowship to the master’s of fine arts (MFA) program in poetry writing at the University of Arkansas, a highly respected and competitive program.


  3. Trevecca Association of Business Professionals

    Trevecca business students and graduates now have the opportunity to be members of the Trevecca Association of Business Professionals.  

  4. Terebinth Artist Services

    Music business students have the opportunity to be a part of Terebinth Artist Services, a student-run record label which provides students the opportunity to put into practice what they are learning in the classroom.

  5. Business Students

    Business students continue to find tremendous hands-on, real world experiences through their internship involvement.

  6. Lisa Farrell and Kyle Davis

    Lisa Farrell and Kyle Davis, 2011 accounting graduates, both landed coveted positions with PWC, a “big four” accounting firm and Hospital Corporation of America’s Internal Auditing Department, respectively.

  7. Finding A New Way To Communicate The Gospel

    His experiences teaching To Kill a Mockingbird to his high school students in Ohio led Matt Litton ’96/MAT ’00 to the realization that the classic American novel conveys an essential Chris ...

  8. Determined To Change Lives

    An assignment in his first graduate education class at Trevecca nourished a seed in the mind and heart of Jarvis Bernard “J” Sheffield MEd ’10, multi-media design specialist in the Office of External Relati ...

  9. Saving Lives And A People - One Surgeon At A Time

    Medicine as a career was already a plan for Paul Edward Gray ’98 when he came to Trevecca, but his summer mission experience at Reynolds Memorial Hospital in India, through Youth In Mission, added a new dimension ...

  10. Tom Middendorf

    An investment in Trevecca really is an investment in the mission of this great university. As an employee in the Center for Leadership, Calling, and Service, I am blessed to see the growth and development of our young people.