1. Skip Jones wins NCAA golf honor

    Skip Jones is the NCAA Golf Student-Athlete of the Week.

  2. Wm. Potts is NCAA Men's Golfer of the Week

  3. Students report on trip to Trinidad

    Trevecca students travel to Trinidad to learn and to serve.

  4. CLL student named to Relay for Life Council

    Jocelyn Wright-McCoy will serve on American Cancer Society council.

  5. Spiritual Deepening Week

    Author Susie Shellenberger speaks for Trevecca's Fall Spiritual Deepening Week.

  6. Award presented to Rwandan social justice leader

    J. V. Morsch Center for Social Justice presents social justice award.

  7. Trevecca honors Senator Elizabeth Dole

    Senator Elizabeth Dole receives an award for her servant leadership.

  8. University to host trip to the Holy Land

    The Millard Reed School of Religion announces a trip to the Holy Land for May 2012.

  9. Give input to improve students' Trevecca experience

    Alumni and friends of Trevecca, your input is wanted.

  10. Welcome week

    Students return to campus.