1. Tonight's basketball games

    Watch tonight's games against Union.
  2. Alumni center nears completion

    Treveccaís new alumni center is scheduled to be complete on February 14, 2011.
  3. Tennessean :: ìTech jobs in demand in Nashvilleî

    Trevecca Professor Mike Leigh is interviewed in Tennessean article, ìTech jobs in demand in Nashville.î
  4. Graduate psychology classes canceled for tonight, 1/20

  5. Memorial service for former English professor announced

    Lois Blanchard Eades will be memorialized at a service on Feb. 12.
  6. MHR and MSM classes canceled tonight 1/20

    Tonight's classes in the Management and Human Relations and Master's of Science of Management Programs have been canceled.
  7. Funding granted for teacher improvement partnership

    Trevecca's School of Education will be a partner with Metro-Nashville Public Schools in a new effort to improve school achievement.
  8. Improvements to outdoor athletic facility coming soon

    Next month the University will begin phase 1 of a project to improve its outdoor athletic facility.
  9. Nashville Technology Council

    Trevecca hosts the Nashville Technology Council and 2 keynote speakers, executive officers from both AOL and IBM.
  10. Inclement weather and spring registration

    The University announces plans to help students delayed by the bad weather.