1. Trevecca recovering from weekend floods in the city

    University personnel are assessing the damage.
  2. Monday classes cancelled

    Due to flooding in the Nashville area, classes are cancelled for Monday, May 3. Offices will remain open. Monday exams will be held Thursday.
  3. Trevecca softball will play in TranSouth Championship @ home (4/30)

    Trevecca is host to the 2010 TranSouth Athletic Conference Softball Tournament.
  4. Micah Mandate launched

    J. V. Morsch Center for Social Justice sponsors online student journal.
  5. Local children learn & give back at Treveccaís greenhouse

    Cameron Middle School students visit Trevecca to learn about gardening and to prepare for a philanthropy sale benefiting the Childrenís Miracle Network.
  6. TICIT Virtual World 2010

    IT students showcase personal portfolios, digital artwork, websites, and print media.
  7. Alumni featured in Ed Tech Magazine

    Trevecca alumni Chris Marczak and Tam Bridges were featured in an article about technology at their school.
  8. Student named ìEducator of the Weekî

    Trevecca MLIS student Julie Potter was named WKRN News Channel 2 "Educator of the Week."
  9. SPARKS Conference held

    Trevecca Nazarene Universityís J.V. Morsch Center for Social Justice hosted an event designed to help adults ìIgnite the Hidden Strengths of Young People.î
  10. Alumni on the front page of USA TODAY

    Alumni Frank & Erin (VanZant) Lennon are featured on the front page of USA TODAY for their efforts to overcome debt.