1. Update on fire in Tidwell Building

    No injuries and restoration has already begun.
  2. New Trevecca Christmas album available

    CDs now availableófeaturing PR groups, Madrigalians, Trevecca Symphony Orchestra, etc.
  3. View the VeggieTales Night photo gallery here!

    Trevecca sponsors a night of fun for families in conjunction with Predators Fellowship Night.
  4. Trevecca student wins election in Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature

    Student Justin Lambert wins position in intercollegiate legislature.
  5. Professor speaks out on proposed cancer guidelines

    Alice Patterson writes guest editorial for the Tennessean.
  6. Physics and Engineering students build microscope

    Professor Fred Cawthorne leads construction of a Scanning SQUID Microscope.
  7. Social justice documentary highlights Trevecca

    J. V. Morsch Center for Social Justice participates in a forthcoming video about everyday social justice.
  8. Childrenís group shares with Trevecca students

    Children Are People, Inc. perform an adaptation of President Dan Booneís ìA Vulnerable God.î
  9. Wrongly accused man and his accuser speak on campus

    The authors of the best-selling book Picking Cotton speak on campus about justice and forgiveness.
  10. Athletics streaming video

    Treveccaís media students continue to stream Trevecca athletic games online.