1. Trevecca taps music industry exec as new VP

    President Boone announces Treveccaís new executive vice president for finance and administration.
  2. Financial services offices have moved

    Financial services offices are now located in the Martin Building.
  3. Fox 17 features Treveccaís found camera story!

    Professor Matthew Huddleston shares an amazing story with Nashvilleís FOX 17 News.
  4. Gifts made in honor solve holiday shopping worries

    Honor a friendóHelp a worthy student!
  5. Merry Christmas from Trevecca!

  6. Refuge appears on FOX 17 morning show

    Trevecca gains the opportunity to be viewed by over 50,000 homes in Tennessee.
  7. Update on fire in Tidwell Building

    No injuries and restoration has already begun.
  8. New Trevecca Christmas album available

    CDs now availableófeaturing PR groups, Madrigalians, Trevecca Symphony Orchestra, etc.
  9. View the VeggieTales Night photo gallery here!

    Trevecca sponsors a night of fun for families in conjunction with Predators Fellowship Night.
  10. Trevecca student wins election in Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature

    Student Justin Lambert wins position in intercollegiate legislature.