1. Social justice documentary highlights Trevecca

    J. V. Morsch Center for Social Justice participates in a forthcoming video about everyday social justice.
  2. Childrenís group shares with Trevecca students

    Children Are People, Inc. perform an adaptation of President Dan Booneís ìA Vulnerable God.î
  3. Wrongly accused man and his accuser speak on campus

    The authors of the best-selling book Picking Cotton speak on campus about justice and forgiveness.
  4. Athletics streaming video

    Treveccaís media students continue to stream Trevecca athletic games online.
  5. High Altitude Balloon Launch set for Nov. 19

    Trevecca physics students will launch a helium balloon that will carry scientific experiments to approximately 100,000 feet.
  6. Prayer, Worship, and Social Justice Conference held on campus

    Treveccaís new Centers for Social Justice and Worship Arts host conference event.
  7. Trojan Baseball player named NAIA Preseason All-American

    Pitcher Tim Dunn is named NAIA Preseason All-American.
  8. TranSouth Tournament and Basketball Classics @Trevecca

    Trojan Athletics host TranSouth Volleyball Tournament, Pops Duncan Classic, and Trevecca Classic, making for a busy week in Moore Gym!
  9. Homecoming on ìthe Hill,î 2009

    Treveccaís hill was an exciting place during Homecoming, November 6-7.
  10. Tennessean features Trevecca Menís Basketball

    Michael France and the Trojan basketball team is the subject of a local newspaper feature article.