1. Trevecca hosts Bob & Larry of VeggieTales

    More than 150 families come to meet much-loved characters!
  2. Preaching conference held

    Bishop Will Willimon was the keynote speaker for a 2-day conference for pastors.
  3. Troy Trevecca helps with ìWalk To School Dayî

    Treveccaís mascot leads a group of children at Cole Elementary in a Metro Schools event.
  4. Students/employees attend sustainability summit

    Trevecca takes part in the ìSummit for Campus Sustainability: Tennessee Valley Universities Investing in a Clean Energy Future.î
  5. Video of volleyball games will broadcast live

    This seasonís remaining home volleyball games will broadcast live via internet.
  6. Bishop Willimon speaks Oct. 7-8

    William Willimon is the featured speaker at a two-day conference for ministers.
  7. Fall 2009 Enrollment statistics posted

    A total of 2,476 students enroll in classes at Trevecca.
  8. Trevecca sings the alma mater

    "On a hill stands old Trevecca..."
  9. Spiritual Deepening Week

    Alumnus Rick Harvey speaks for Spiritual Deepening Week, Sept. 22-24, at Trevecca.
  10. MORE THAN commercial

    Trevecca MORE THAN commercial airs on FOX17.