1. Professor sends materials to nursing college in Swaziland

    Laptops and medical books gathered by Professor Chris Farrell are sent to the one nursing college in Swaziland.
  2. Camp Electric featured on Channel 4 morning news

    Camp Electric, held on Trevecca's campus this week, was featured on "Breakfast with Bolger."
  3. Sports publications earn awards

    Trevecca wins in NAIA judging.
  4. Camp Electric--Day 2

    Camp Electric underway.
  5. ISLE on campus

    Treveccaís School of Education hosted Intensive Summer Learning Experience on campus June 20-28.
  6. Trevecca hosts Christian rockers at first Camp Electric

    When Camp Electric opens this Sunday, June 29, on Trevecca's campus, more than 1,000 young, aspiring Christian musicians will invade Music City, USA.
  7. Trevecca alumna honored

    Brenda Martin is 2008 Alumnus of the Year at Columbia State Community College
  8. Funeral for volleyball coach

    The funeral for Scott Jones, head coach of volleyball, will be Tuesday, June 24.
  9. Kentucky District Youth Camp at Trevecca this week

    More than 175 teenagers, sponsors, and leaders came for opportunities to praise, fellowship, and serve together.
  10. MTTI offers training for youth on Trevecca's campus

    The Middle Tennessee Teen Institute (MTTI) holds its assembly June 16-21, providing education and training in youth development, leadership and prevention.