1. Associate Student Body officers elected.

    Students vote for new Associate Student Body officers on Tuesday, March 11.
  2. Now offering 52 majors!

    The Office of the Provost recently announced 4 new majors for Trevecca's fall 2008 semester.
  3. TSO celebrates 20 years

    Trevecca Symphony Orchestra holds 20-year celebration concert.
  4. Stewardship of the Earth Day

    J. Matthew Sleeth speaks for Trevecca's 3rd Annual Stewardship of the Earth Day.
  5. No classes Saturday, March 8

    Provost Steve Pusey has canceled all Saturday. March 8, classes at Trevecca.
  6. Ceremonies honoring Millard Reed

    Millard Reed School of Religion officially dedicated.
  7. Swink nominated for ATHENA Award

  8. 50 majors

  9. "Leap Day"

    Trevecca's Office of Marketing hosts "Leap Day."
  10. Students raise money to support Union University

    Trevecca students raise money to support Union University students following tragedy.