1. Trevecca Nike clothing--the latest thing

    Trevecca Nike athletic clothing--available just in time for Christmas gifts
  2. Trevecca plays Olivet on January 19

    Alumni and friends invited to watch Trevecca's men's basketball team play Olivet in Indianapolis on January 19, 2008.
  3. Basketball teams--National rankings announced

    This season's first national rankings of the top-25 teams have the Trevecca men and women in the top 10.
  4. Bring coats to this weekend's basketball games

    The women's basketball team is collecting coats to give away.
  5. All-School Service Project

    Student service project assists elderly alumni couple in the neighborhood.
  6. Onyando looks at NBA

    Trojan's Onyando featured in Nashville City Paper for gaining NBA attention.
  7. Angel Tree 2007

    Approximately 350 persons attend Trevecca's annual Angel Tree party.
  8. School of Education seeks input

    Trevecca's School of Education seeks testimonials.
  9. Funeral plans for Tim Schott

    Funeral plans for Tim Schott
  10. Death of alumnus

    Alumnus Tim Schott dies in house fire.