1. Biology students

    Biology students investigate the stream located behind campus with a representative of the Cumberland River Compact, discussing the water conditions in that area as well as in all of Nashville.
  2. MHR Celebration

    Trevecca's Management and Human Relations Program (MHR) will celebrate its 20 years of existence with a reception this Friday, September 21.
  3. Huggins wins NQC solo competition

    Alumnus Lindsay Haywood Huggins í05 wins the National Quartet Conventionís solo talent competition.
  4. John Dunn, Sr., dies

    Dr. John Dunn, Sr., former Trevecca Board of Trustees member died Friday, September 14.
  5. Homecoming on the Hill 2007

    Homecoming on the Hill 2007 information is now available at
  6. Annual baseball dinner

    Treveccaís baseball team held its annual dinner last Friday night to celebrate their 2007 season and recognize award-winners.
  7. Workshop announced for pastors of small churches

    Pastor of a small church in a world of mega churches? Trevecca offers a free one-day workshop for you.
  8. Trevecca softball player wins national honor

    Chelsea Bailey has been chosen from NAIA schools for honor from coaches' organization.
  9. Betty Ragsdale dies

    Betty Ragsdale, a longtime supporter of Trevecca and its athletic programs, passed away today and a funeral will be held Monday, Sept. 10.
  10. Welcome Week photo gallery

    A Welcome Week online photo gallery highlighting the events of the new year is now available.