1. Trevecca softball player wins national honor

    Chelsea Bailey has been chosen from NAIA schools for honor from coaches' organization.
  2. Betty Ragsdale dies

    Betty Ragsdale, a longtime supporter of Trevecca and its athletic programs, passed away today and a funeral will be held Monday, Sept. 10.
  3. Welcome Week photo gallery

    A Welcome Week online photo gallery highlighting the events of the new year is now available.
  4. Freshmen family groups

    Freshmen family groups gathered across town last Sunday night, celebrating the beginning of the school year.
  5. Closer conference

    Closer, a conference for moms and daughters featuring Focus on the Family speaker Susie Shellenberger, will be held on campus Oct. 12-13.
  6. Opening Chapel 2007-2008

    University President Dan Boone speaks for the opening chapel of the 2007-2008 school year.
  7. Former faculty member dies

  8. The Trevecca Story--A video presentation

  9. Trevecca welcomes new freshmen

    The Class of 2011 is welcomed to campus! View the move-in day online photo album here.
  10. Trojan teams support fund-raiser

    Trojan teams come together to support a fund-raiser and to celebrate the start of a new season.