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The Dramatic Arts program at Trevecca is designed to prepare students for careers in professional theatre or theatre education.  The program also promotes critical thinking and scholarship among students in preparation for lives of leadership and service to the Church, to one's local community, and to the global community through the performing arts. 

Focus is given to strengthening a passion to follow Christ and to pursue artistic excellence in professional theatre at all levels.  Focus is also given to strengthening a compassion for the individual lives of others—those encountered in the process of collaboration within the industry, as well as those encountered daily in one's own neighborhood. 

In the belief that a creative, enterprising spirit equips students for more opportunities after graduation, one of the goals of the program is also to encourage students to be creators of original stories and dramatic expression, not merely imitators and interpreters of the performing arts.  Students in the program are continually challenged in this respect through the exploration of acting, directing, design, and playwriting in innovative, constructive ways.



Trevecca offers two majors and three minors to students within the Dramatic Arts program.  Click on any of these degree plans for more information about them.




Learning occurs not only in the classroom but also through actual real-world experiences in every phase of theatre production, both on campus and through off-campus internship experiences.  Examples of past internship placements include Tennessee Repertory Theatre, Nashville Children's Theatre, Nashville Shakespeare Festival, Nashville Ballet, Fulton Theatre, and the former Lamb's Theatre in New York City.  The Dramatic Arts Program produces four (4) theatre productions for the Trevecca community and the Nashville community-at-large every year.  Auditions are open to all students, and students majoring or minoring in the program are required to participate in some aspect of most on-campus productions.


Students who major in dramatic arts or theatre education are eligible to apply specifically for drama scholarships annually.  Scholarship applications are made available every March for the following academic year to both current and prospective students.  More information about scholarships in dramatic arts at Trevecca, contact Dr. Jeffrey Frame at jframe@trevecca.edu.

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