"My experience at Trevecca cultivated and supported what my faith taught me."

-evans knowles '13

Trevecca’s Graphic Design and Technology program is designed to teach students how to leverage the most modern graphic design software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver, for the creation of graphics, marketing material, illustrations, and web page content. The program combines a series of Art and Design courses to help develop the student’s creative and artistic talents, as well as a series of technology courses to teach the students the latest in graphics design software, web site development tools, and general technology concepts.

In addition to 2-D graphic design and development, students are also exposed to sound and video editing, and multimedia development so they have a broad overview of graphic design applications. Students are given a background in technology and business fundamentals so they understand how their skills are applied and utilized within a small business or large corporation. Finally, students are required to complete an Internship at a company of their choosing so they gain an understanding of how their acquired graphic design skills are utilized in a “real world” environment. With the completion of two additional art courses beyond what is required for the graphics design and technology program, students are able to earn a minor in Art.

What our students say

"My experience at Trevecca cultivated and supported what my faith taught me: that looking out for those around me, being considerate and understanding, and loving the people I encounter will get me farther in life than following socety's self-serving idea of success."          

Evans Knowles '13
Graphic Design
Trevecca Nazarene Univeristy