Through an interdisciplinary process the Leadership Studies Minor seeks to enhance the skill set of graduates in all undergraduate degree programs by providing a broad perspective on leadership and to enhance on-campus leadership development of student leaders for student government, peer mentoring, and resident assistants.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates with a leadership studies minor will be able to:

  • Compare the history of leadership and current leadership theories.
  • Examine leadership theories relevant to effective organizational leadership, development, and change.
  • Evaluate ethics, morals, and values as it relates to their leadership effectiveness.
  • Analyze theories, behaviors, and consequences of healthy and dysfunctional leadership.
  • Translate life experiences into leadership experience in light of course content.
  • Evaluate interpersonal skills to more effectively engage and collaborate with others.
  • Identify some of the common leadership issues of today.
  • Practice the tenets of servant leadership.