"My classes have taught me SO much, and have been able to teach me so much more about my future career/field."

-Taylor Foster '14

The bachelor’s degree in Psychology focuses on the understanding of human behavior through classic theories, relevant research, with a synthesis of the two through a Christian world view. Students will take fundamental courses (general psychology, human development, statistics and research, personality and abnormal, physiological, and history and systems of psychology, etc…) taught by Christian faculty. This foundation will prepare the student for the world of work and/or graduate school.  Students will take classes from academicians with clinical and research experience. Each student will conduct on original research study and can present their research findings at the TNU Undergraduate Research Symposium. Some of these studies are published in peer-reviewed journals. Students will also engage in a practicum, where they are placed in the community for first-hand experience. Students may opt for a full internship for more intensive real-world experience, if they wish.

What our students say

"I changed my major to Psychology, and my academic life has been much much happier. I now feel a call to become a therapist to kids who have divorced parents, as well as women and children who have been victims of sexual abuse and sex trafficking. My classes have taught me SO much, and have been able to teach me so much more about my future career/field. However, it is thanks to my incredible professors that I have been able to learn the most, because of their first-hand experience as actual mental health practitioners and psychotherapists."

Taylor Foster '14

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Amanda Grieme
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BA, 2002 Greeneville College
MMFT, 2004 Trevecca Nazarene University
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