The Public Policy minor at Trevecca is a multi-faceted and customizable academic minor meant to give students a broad base of knowledge about the many branches of the justice system and to develop in students critical thinking, writing and speaking skills.  Students can pick and choose between a variety of useful courses from the fields of history, political science, social work, sociology, criminal justice, social justice, economics, business and communications.  These selected course options all challenge students to ask big questions about what it means for society to function well.

Due to the dynamic nature of this minor, students will gain an interdisciplinary understanding of how public policy affects all aspects of society and, at Trevecca, will gain this knowledge within a framework of the Christian faith.  In addition, due to the flexible nature of this minor, students can focus on specific classes that will best fit with their career goals.  With this Public Policy minor we believe that our students can excel in a variety of professions such as: lawyer, public historian, teacher, consultant, political strategist, think tank analyst, urban planner, non-profit director, journalist, and all levels of government service.  

The program also offers Pre-Law advising, which is often (but not necessarily) organized around a History major with a Public Policy minor.