"Our mission is to inspire and equip students to follow their calling to seek biblical justice in a broken world."


The Social Justice Program at Trevecca can give you the skills and training you need to live out your spiritual calling to serve others through specific areas of study.

The social justice studies offer a liberal arts major/minor that will engage you in a core, interdisciplinary curriculum that captures insights from the fields of business, law, sociology, social work, science, and religion. Our program pulls together concepts from biblical theology, Christian ethics and human rights and emphasizes on restoration (spiritually, physically and emotionally) for the oppressed and marginalized.

Our small classes and expert professors and instructors ensure that your educational experience will be authentic and personal. You’ll learn from those truly practicing what they teach.

Located in the heart of Nashville, our students have the opportunity to volunteer, intern and get involved in a growing community. Our partnerships with non-profits, social services and local churches provide our students with a launching point for engaged learning and preparation for their futures.

 You can then choose one of three social justice concentrations to gain marketable skills:

Non-Profit and Congregational Leadership

Gain practical skills in non-profit management and community engagement for leadership roles as an outreach director at a church or a staff member at a non-profit agency.

Public policy

Analyze public policies and the political process for advancing the common good—preparation for law school or for work in the government,social welfare agencies, or research institutions.

Environmental Justice

Acquire technical skills through hands-on applications in environmental science—preparation for graduate school and/or careers as environmental advisors in government agencies or corporations or as staff members of local, state, or national agencies responsible for protecting the environment.

Other classes offered include the following:

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Non-Profit Administration
  • Special Projects in Environmental Justice
  • Community Development
  • Urban Restoration Ecology
  • Biblical Theology of Social Justice
  • Economics of Poverty and Public Policy
  • Ministry of compassion

What our students say

"I cannot thank God enough for bringing me to Trevecca’s social justice program. The program challenged me to see the world di erently and caused me to have a deeper love for God and His people. Social justice is all about relationships. That’s why for me, it was more than just learning; it was community. They not only prepared me educationally, but also relationally and most importantly spiritually, because of the mentors I received. "

Lucas Reed '17

"The knowledge I gained from each of my courses filled my tool belt with unmatchable knowledge that has carried me far in my professional career."

Rebekah Foshee (Peoples) '12