What are Tennessee Transfer Pathways?

Tennessee Transfer Pathways are designed to assist community college students who intend to complete a baccalaureate degree by transferring credits to a four-year college in Tennessee. If you’re planning on transferring to Trevecca Nazarene University from a two-year community college in Tennessee, these transfer pathways will help you and your advisor plan your coursework at the community college so that you can be sure that the coursework will transfer successfully to Trevecca. Following one of these pathways will help you make the most rapid progress possible toward your four-year bachelor’s degree.

How do the pathways work?

Tennessee Transfer Pathways work as a guide or road map in planning your education. Broken down by school, intended major or academic focus area, the pathways outline exactly which courses you will need to take in order to make the transferring process as painless as possible. Work with your advisor to see which pathway will work best for you!

Why transfer to Trevecca?

Trevecca Nazarene University is a community unlike any other located in the heart of Nashville. Our team of professors is dedicated to your success and the tight-knit feel of our campus will allow you to call Trevecca home.

Students who intend to transfer should consult their current advisor and contact Trevecca’s transfer admissions counselor, Emily Waddell (EGWaddell@trevecca.edu).

For more information about Tennessee Transfer Pathways, visit www.tntransferpathway.org.

Associate Degree TNU Bachelor’s Degree
Accounting (A.S.) Business Administration (B.S.)
Biology (A.S.) Biology (B.S.)
Business Administration (A.S.) Business Administration (B.S.)
Chemistry (A.S.) Chemistry (B.S.)
Criminal Justice (A.A.) Criminal Justice (B.S.)
Criminal Justice (A.S.) Criminal Justice (B.S.)
Exercise Science (A.S.) Exercise Science (B.S.)
Mass Communication (A.A.) Media Arts & Studies (B.S.)
Mass Communication (A.S.) Media Arts & Studies (B.S.)
Pre-Health (A.S.) Biology (B.S.)
Psychology (A.A.) Psychology (B.S.)
Psychology (A.S.) Psychology (B.S.)
Sociology (A.A.) Sociology (B.A.)
Sociology (A.S.) Sociology (B.A.)
Theater Arts (A.A.) Dramatic Arts (B.S.)
Theater Arts (A.S.) Dramatic Arts (B.S.)