Service Projects

Alumni and friends can serve via half-day and full day service projects designed as tangible ways to meet and serve those in need. Some of the best fellowship happens when we work shoulder to shoulder in service. [link to a page that lists all scheduled projects…in turn to link to specific events]

Upcoming Projects:

  • OPERATION: Here Comes the Neighborhood, June 10, 2017
  • OPERATION: Next-door Neighbor, November 2, 2017


Be a Mentor

If you have a heart for new graduates as they complete their degrees and launch their careers, you may want to be an Alumni Mentor. Our mentor program is designed to be one part encouragement and one part accountability. To request a mentor packet please complete the contact form

Be a Guest Lecturer

If you would like to volunteer as a guest lecturer in your field please fill out the volunteer form.

Give to Scholarships

Every semester student scholarships make the Trevecca experience possible for thousands of students. Your gifts to endowed scholarship funds pave the way for student support in perpetuity. One time gifts, estate gifts, and virtual endowment gifts all work toward one end: to attract the brightest new students and to make the Trevecca education affordable for those in need.

If you have questions please contact Don Hastings at 615-248-1436 or

Establish a Virtual Scholarship Endowment

So you would like to leave a chunk of money to Trevecca, but the only problem is you won’t have your chunk until you are in heaven? There is a way to establish it immediately so as to enjoy the benefit of naming your scholarship and getting to know the students your endowment reaches.

An example of a typical endowment

  • In your will, you designate a $25,000 gift to Trevecca for a scholarship via your estate. The proceeds of your gift will be around $1,000 annually in perpetuity.

An example of a virtual endowment

  • To start your endowment immediately begin to make an annual gift of $1,000 now. That’s an amount equal to what your $25,000 gift will do.  Name the scholarship. Experience the joy of giving while you are alive. When your time on earth ends, the actual endowment will come through your estate and will perpetuate the scholarship indefinitely.


Design an Estate Plan to Have an Impact

Many alumni find great satisfaction in being able to make a major gift to Trevecca through estate planning. What they would think impossible to do in life they are able to accomplish through planned stewardship at the end of life.

If you have questions please contact Don Hastings at 615-248-1436 or  Mr. Hastings is a Certified Financial Planner with talent to help you structure a plan to fit your desire. He will meet with you individually or hold a workshop at your church.