Greg Page and his staff at PK Pictures are behind many of the biggest multimedia presentations in the business—from the launch of Xbox 2 for Microsoft to a multi-million dollar BP exhibition in Moscow. “When the client says ‘I don’t know if this can be done,’ that’s probably going to be a good fit for our company,” says Page, a 1980 graduate of Trevecca. In addition to making seemingly impossible multimedia events a reality, PK Pictures takes on projects for the music industry, creates commercials and does pro bono work for faith-based organizations. “The great thing about our work is that it’s never the same thing twice,” Page says. “Each project has its own set of challenges, creatively and technically.” Page founded PK Pictures, then Pro-Kids Productions, in 1987 with fellow Trevecca alumni Steve Pennington (’78) specializing in children’s entertainment. The company’s first product was Snowbird, the beloved WSMV-TV character who announces school closings. Snowbird and his friends were soon syndicated, allowing PK Pictures to expand into other kid-friendly media, eventually leading to the high-end media design work they do today. Other media-related ventures include NuMynd Studios, and Page’s newest venture, The Children’s Television Network, a network featuring kid-friendly content that’s customized exclusively for use in children’s hospitals across North America. “Every day, I call on the interpersonal communication skills I learned under Dr. Jim Quiggins (’71) and company,” says Page.

On why he hires so many Trevecca alumni:

“We’ve hired several awesome Trevecca alumni who form the backbone of our company’s success. My philosophy has always been to hire for attitude and teach the skill.”