Sofia Guerrero, a senior elementary education major, transferred to Trevecca from a state school as a sophomore. Guerrero has become a diversity leader of sorts on campus. She is the president of Trevecca’s Futuro chapter, an inclusive organization that engages Latino students in professional development, and an active member of the University’s Diversity Council.

Guerrero, in her own words:

“When I first came here, I remember seeing a lot of diverse students in my classes. It was very satisfying to know that Trevecca welcomes all students regardless of skin color. Ever since I have been a student here, Trevecca has helped me in any way they can, not just financially or academically but spiritually as well. Over the years, I’ve seen Jesus through many people at Trevecca, people who celebrate diversity. Throughout the campus, there are many students who might look the same, but I can assure you that none have had the same walk in life. Their background is what makes a person who they are, and we need to celebrate that. We’ve been working really hard to bring an awareness of the diversity on campus—much more than just skin color. It’s an acknowledgment that there is beauty in diversity. I want to keep [working for diversity at Trevecca] as this semester progresses and as next year comes around. I would love to continue doing God’s work and bring people together while celebrating where they come from.”